Workshop and Prize on Root Causes and Mitigation of Name Collisions (WPNC)

Call for Papers

This workshop and competition exist to encourage rapid turnaround, energized studies of name collision risks and mitigations. The expectation is to advance the global community's insight into operational uses of name suffixes that can result in name collision, and to gain stronger understanding of the potential risks for the users of the installed systems. Another expectation is to advance the state of knowledge about the architecture and impacts of DNS namespaces with multiple scopes or resolution contexts. A very important goal is to surface effective new methods of monitoring and new mitigations for emerging Internet risks around name collision.

Potential activities in installed systems that may lead to name collisions in the global DNS (at the DNS root and elsewhere) include search list processing, multiply-scoped DNS and resolution contetxts, service discovery protocols and mechanisms, system health testing, dynamic link generation, configurations of mobile systems, use of internal name certificate systems. Others will surely be identified through this workshop.

Submissions will go into depth on specific systems, environments, and/or name suffixes. Overviews, surveys, and position statements are less desirable, unless they rest on a foundation of detailed analysis and offer insight into common characteristics or fundamental processes in name collision risks.

Potential monitoring and mitigation topics include tools and approaches to detecting and charactering name collisions in installed systems, both small and large-scale; remediation of installed systems, modification of offered services; proposed changes to relevant protocols; modification of new gTLD services; and intervention by enterprise or Internet service providers. Others topics will surely be identified through this workshop.

Please see the sections on Important Dates for additional details. View rules for the 2014 Name Collision Workshop Competition.